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Yujing Lan-inn

玉井 嵐旅店

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A high quality B&B that opened in November, 2017. Baroque-style buildings that are a 10 minute walk away from Yujing bus station, 2 minutes away from a 7-11, 7 minutes away from Yujing Old Street, where you can have mango shaved ice, and 5 minutes away from a big night market that opens on Wednesdays. 

If you are craving some fried dumplings, it takes just a 3-8 minute walk to get to Bafang Yunji, whose neighbors include a hot pot restaurant, ginger duck stew place, Boba tea shop, supermarket and more. Tourist sites such as the Meiling Scenic Area, Zengwen Dam, Zhou Malai Farm, Jiaxian, and Nanhua are also very close to the B&B. 



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  No. 75, Dazhi St., Yujing Dist., Tainan City 71444, Taiwan (R.O.C.)