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Seen from afar, a white, cubic building stands abruptly against the backdrop of a magnificent sea view, emerging starkly from the nostalgia-inducing scenery. That building is Tainan Anping L House.

L House is a type of building only found in Anping. It is a rendered version of the traditional Taiwanese courtyard house. Combining historical architecture with modern design concepts, the architect of L House brought new meaning to Anping, an idea which fosters the philosophy of Anping L House.

Design is an ideology that is at once spiritual, philosophical, and religious. Architecture is the fulfillment of dreams and the spirit; it represents a city's history and culture. Tainan Anping L House represents the soft power of a culture in which the traditions of Anping are sustained.

Tainan Anping L House invites you to experience the beauty of Anping--where the history of Taiwan began.

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  No. 178, Tongping Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 70841, Taiwan (R.O.C.)