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Reikei Hot Spring Resort is located in the Guanziling Scenic Area in Tainan City’s Baihe District. It is situated at the foot of Dadong Mountain. Winter days are filled with graceful clouds and mist, while summer days are filled with gentle breezes.

Here, you can enjoy the world’s only mud hot spring in the winter and local culinary delicacies in the summer. The resort’s restaurant offers panoramic views. We want diners to enjoy the marvelous scenery of the Jianan Plain and its flickering nightscape that is only visible on summer nights.

All of our rooms have mud hot spring baths to allow our guests to enjoy the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of Guanziling in the privacy of their own rooms. Outside the resort grounds is a Siraya National Scenic Area stone walkway. Walk along the path, and marvel at how Guanziling changes with the seasons. Enjoy being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and breathe in the clean mountain air. Guanziling has so much more to offer than just hot springs.

Guanziling is located on the border of Tainan and Chiayi. There are scenic spots to both the north and south of the resort. Traveling in the direction of Chiayi will lead you to Alishan, National Palace Museum Southern Branch, and Chiayi City. Heading towards Tainan City will lead you to all types of historic sites (Chihkan Tower, Wu Family Garden, and Hayashi Department Store), and Chimei Museum. Scenic spots in the Guanziling region include the Water and Fire Cave, Biyun Temple, and Dongshan Coffee Road. Neighboring Baihe District and Houbi District have different flowers blooming depending on the season. Well-known floral events include the Golden Shower Tree Festival, Kapok Road, and the Taiwan International Orchid Show. If you enjoy noise and excitement, you can use Guanziling as a rest stop and go back there to rest before returning to the city center. If you enjoy the relaxed pace of slow living, then you can arrange for the in-depth exploration of Baihe/Houbi/Dongshan.

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Reikei  Hot Spring Resort website: http://www.reikei.com.tw/index

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