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Mu Spring Bed & Breakfast is located in Tainan City’s Baihe District. The Guanziling Hot Spring area is nestled within the verdant Guanziling mountain range. The valley has waterfalls, and at times clouds and mist linger halfway up the mountain. The beauty of the mountains and forests during the four seasons is a feast for the eyes. Here, the wind is gentle and the air is crisp year-round. The sounds of insects and songbirds fill the air between the mountain forests and fields, and the mountainside is dotted with cherry blossoms…

The B&B’s facilities include individual, Japanese-style mud hot springs; a restaurant serving Japanese cuisine; an old church; and numerous old trees encircling the green hills… if you love nature, then you will love this place.

The hot springs in the guest rooms are sodium bicarbonate chloride hot springs. This is the only place in Taiwan with a water quality of this type. We believe in the health benefits of soaking in hot springs, and encourage everyone to use hot springs to maintain their health. We do not recycle or reuse hot spring water.

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Mu Spring​ Bed and Breakfast website: http://web.muspring.com.tw/about.html

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  No. 27, Shezilin, Guanling Vil., Baihe Dist., Tainan City


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