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Bai-He is the famous spot for lotus flower watching in Southern Taiwan. However, taking pictures with lotus flower is simply not enough! Come stay a night at “Granduncle’s place in Bai-He”, and you can wander around in a relaxed manner and experience cultural industries and ecological landscapes in Bai-He.

The “Granduncle” is actually the father of Cheng Chiu-Lang, the owner of B&B. Mr. Cheng feels that with the current trend of sub-replacement fertility, in the future fewer people will have the chance to have “Granduncle”, so he named the B&B after this. Mr. Cheng is a person who cherishes traditions and homeland.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Cheng grew up here in Bai-He, and they were even elementary classmates. Growing in farming families, they have kept genuine personality all along the way. Bearing in mind that essence of local Lotus-growing industry was not commonly known to tourists, the owner had wanted to transform this traditional industry; therefore, he decided to run a B&B so as to lead the guests into this flowery world.

Summer is the season when Lotus flower blossom, so the owner will arrange for two bike-rides, both in early mooring and late afternoon; in different time of the day, guests can get a closer look on Lotus flower and overserve their posture. In winter, on the other hand, guests are able to walk into the Lotus farm to hand-pick Lotus root. Guests are also welcomed to visit the Butterfly Garden where the lifecycle of the butterfly can be thoroughly observed. At night, Mrs. Cheng’s Lotus cuisine will be served along with Water Lily tea, as the guests can enjoy the feast of Lotus.

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Baihe Granduncle's Bed and Breakfast website:  http://granduncle.18851.com.tw/

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