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Introduction of Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS)

Taiwan International Orchid Show (TIOS) is an annually held orchid-based professional tradeshow. Not only TIOS is in its leading stand in the global orchid industry, but also ranked as the world top three orchid events with World Orchid Conference (WOC) and Asia Pacific Orchid Conference (APOC). TIOS successfully attracted more than 100,000 visitors and foreign guests all over the world each year. And TIOS has developed as an international professional marketing platform of large-scale orchid production.

Ever since the "8th Asia-Pacific Orchid Conference, APOC8" held in 2004 by Taiwan Orchid Growers Association, and has won its reputation. Therefore, the Council of Agriculture and the Tainan County Government (now renamed as Tainan City Municipal Government) have the strong willingness to construct and organize a flagship exhibition featuring local characteristics. In 2005, with the official opening of the Taiwan Orchid Plantation, the TIOS launched its first international event, successfully and efficiently attracted buyers from all over the world as well as lots of overseas orders received. In 2007, Taiwan External Trade Development Council joined to co-organize the Event, more international buyers and orders generated. TIOS has gradually established its active functions as a well-developed marketing platform of the international fair trading market also the gateway of the local and global flower industry.

Even in the wake of the 2008 financial turmoil, Phalaenopsis still marked its contrarian growth by 5.3% in the same year. Since the holding of TIOS, not only swiftly constructed Taiwan's reputation worldwide, visitors attracted, and trade orders received, but also successfully expanded the orchid market to the whole world and built Taiwan image as an essential orchid production base in the world.


  No. 325, Wushulin, Houbi Dist., Tainan City

  +886 6 6830913

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• Flights from abroad
1. Arriving to Taoyuan International Airport – Transfer to the Taoyuan Airport MRT – Transfer to Taiwan High Speed Railway Taoyuan Station – Get off at the THSR Chiayi Station – Transfer to Tainan City Bus (Yellow Line 9) – Get off at the Taiwan Railway Houbi Station – Transfer to the TIOS shuttle bus – Arrive at 2019 TIOS.
2. Arriving to Kaohsiung International Airport – Transfer to the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation (Red Line) – Transfer to KRTC Zuoying Station – Transfer to Taiwan High Speed Railway Zuoying Station -- Get off at the THSR Chiayi Station – Transfer to Tainan City Bus (Yellow Line 9) – Get off at the Taiwan Railway Houbi Station – Transfer to the shuttle bus of TIOS – Arrive at 2019 TIOS.
3. Tainan Airport – Transfer to Tainan City Bus (Red Line 3) – Get off at the Tainan Railway Station – Transfer to Taiwan Railway Station – Get off at the Taiwan Railway Xinying Station – Transfer to Tainan City Bus (Yellow Line) – Get off at the Taiwan Orchid Plantation.

• Taiwan High Speed Railway, THSR
1. Get off at the THSR Chiayi Station – Transfer to Tainan City Bus (Yellow Line 9) – Get off at the Taiwan Railway Houbi Station – Transfer to the TIOS shuttle bus – Arrive at 2019 TIOS.

• Taiwan Railway
1. Get off at the Taiwan Railway Xinying Station – Transfer to Tainan City Bus (Yellow Line) – Get off at the Taiwan Orchid Plantation.
2. Get off at the Taiwan Railway Houbi Station – Transfer to the TIOS shuttle bus – Arrive at 2019 TIOS.